RiverWalk Park Rules

Welcome to our campground.  For everyone’s safety and enjoyment please observe the following rules and regulations. We appreciate your help in keeping our facility clean, neat and free from damage. 

We pride ourselves on maintaining a “Stress Free” environment. We have zero tolerance for any rude or disrespectful behavior toward our staff or other guests. All guests must follow the rules and regulations of the park.  Any situation not directly covered by the rules but deemed unsafe by a staff member will be addressed.  Decisions of any staff member are final pertaining to noise, campfires and other infringements of the campground rules or unsafe acts/conditions.  Disrespect of authority, property or other guests is grounds for camper removal. RiverWalk RV Park reserves the right to amend rules at any time.

As an industry, RV parks are seeing a rampant increase in the number of speculative reservations being made by guests. These speculative reservations will then be cancelled last minute. Unfortunately, these reservations often make it difficult to impossible for other prospective guests to find availability when trying to find vacation spots.  In an effort to help our guests have the most accurate availability information and improve our reservation experience, we have implemented the following cancellation policy. 

Cancellation Policy:

A one-night deposit is required for all reservations up to 7 nights. We require payment in full for 8+ day stays.

14 days prior to scheduled arrival:

Refund minus $35 processing fee or

Camp credit minus $15 processing fee is offered and balance of reservation goes on camp credit

13 days to 6 days prior to scheduled arrival:

Refund  a “one night deposit” will be charged or

Camp credit minus $15 processing fee is offered and balance of reservation goes on camp credit

5 day to 3 days prior to scheduled arrival:

No refund is offered, a one night deposit will be charged and the balance of the reservation may be placed on a camp credit

Less than 2 days notice or “No-show”

Full fee will be charged in the event of a “no-show” or if a guest gives less than 2 days notice. If your reservation is no-show you wont be allowed to book reservations and any future reservations already booked will be forfeited.

Changes to your reservation less than 14 days prior to arrival: If you choose to change or move your reservation dates less than 14 days prior to arrival the policy reflects the same as the cancellation policy.


If you need to cancel your reservation, please call the park office during business hours.  Email cancellations request are not accepted.  No refunds for early checkouts.  Reservations can not be sold or transferred.

Refunds: Camping is an outdoor experience.  No refunds or credits are provided due to the discomfort of nature.  

Check In/Check Out: Check in time is 2:00pm or later, check out time must occur before 12:00pm on the day of departure.  

Check in is at 2:00pm – Please DO NOT arrive to the park before 2pm. The only exception to this rule would be if you have paid the $30 early arrival fee or booked the day prior.  We do offer a $30 early check in fee for arrivals at 12:00pm (needs to be paid in advance).  If you arrive any earlier than 2:00pm you will need to pay the $30 early arrival fee, and will have to wait for your site if it’s not ready.  Our staff needs time to do site maintenance (mow, weed eat, grade, bug spray, weed spray, clean, etc) between departures and arrivals & we only have a two hour window to do so with 51 sites.  Thank you in advance for respecting their time.

Late departures will be charged for an additional night. 

Late Check-in: If you arrive after 6:00pm please stop at the office to pick up your welcome package. It will be located in the arrivals box at the front door.  Your name, map, and site number will be included on your packet. 

You must call in advance for approval on arrivals after 10:00pm.

Quiet hours: 10:00pm- 8:00am.  Children under 16 must return to their own site by 10:00pm.  During this time voices, activity and other noises must be kept to a minimum.  Please be aware that normal speaking voices can carry.  Outside radios and TVs should be turned off.  

Occupancy: Maximum of 6 people allowed (included registered guests and visitors) per site at any given time.  Your reservation includes two adults and four children per site.  If any additional guest or children are staying the night please notify the office as it’s $10 per additional guest per night.

Vehicles and Trailers: You are permitted one RV and one vehicle per site.  Vehicles and trailers that do not fit completely on your pad must be parked in the visitor parking area.  Please keep all vehicles on gravel surfaces, except in overflow parking.  Do not park on grass, another site, or on the road.  No double parking or “sideways parking” on sites.  There is a $5 per day charge for additional vehicles.  Each registered guest must display their parking pass. 

Visitor Policy: All persons not registered to site at check-in are considered visitors.  They must register at the office before entering the park and get a parking pass.  They will need to park in the guest designated parking area.  There isn’t a charge for guests visiting during the day.  Your reservation includes two adults and four children per site.  If any additional guests or children are staying the night, please notify the office as it’s $10 per additional guest per night.  Make sure you are following the 6 person max rule.  Registered campers are responsible for their guest and will be held financially responsible for any damage to the property.

Tents: Tents of any kind are prohibited in the park. This includes anything attached to any type of camper, truck, van, or any vehicle.

Speed Limit: 5mph or less throughout the park. 

Campfires:  In order to prevent grass fires we ask that fire pits are kept on the gravel. Please be responsible when having a campfire and keep campfires contained to the fire pit only.  Campfires should be extinguished before retiring for the night and should never be left unattended.  Fire pits are not to be used for garbage cans – only newspaper, kindling and firewood should be burned in the fire pit.

Prohibited: Do not hang dog runs/leashes or clotheslines on trees. Dumping of any grill drippings/grease onto the grounds or in fire pits. Generators, Camping Tents, Any type camper without hookups, No trailers that are capable of hauling livestock even though they may be RVIA certified, Tarps, Overnight use of any kind of outside lighting in consideration of other guest, Disorderly behavior, Walking through other people’s sites, Hot grills on picnic tables, No digging, Stakes, etc on sites.  Do not cover grass with mats, carpet etc.  Do not put nails in trees.  No filling of water containers ex. Pressure washers, water barrel, popup pools or Jacuzzis etc.  No liquid waste of any kind may be dumped on the ground or in dumpsters. Washing of RVs or vehicles is not permitted.

Camper/RV: All units must be factory manufactured only.  Any type of camper without hookups and trailers that are capable of hauling livestock even though they may be RVIA certified are prohibited.   

General Housekeeping: Please keep your campsite clean during your stay and leave the campsite in the same condition you found it in when you arrived.

Children: All parents/caregivers are responsible for appropriate behavior of their children.  Be aware of where your children are and what they are doing at all times.  Parents/guardians will be financially liable for damages caused by their children.  Minor children under 16 years of age must not leave their campsite after 10:00 PM unless accompanied by a parent.  Your children must be supervised at all times. Children are not allowed at another resident’s site unless they were invited.  Parents, please make your children aware of these rules. Disregard for campground rules, causing dissension among other campers, or conduct deemed improper by the management is cause for immediate eviction without notice or refund.

Bathhouse: Please help us keep the restrooms and bathhouses clean and ready to use by others by picking up after yourself.  If there is water in the floor after your shower, please clean up after yourself.  Young children are not allowed in the restrooms or laundry without an adult present.  

Bicycle: Ride only on roadways and trails. Do not ride after dusk. 

Golf carts: Must be registered at check-in.  No one under the age of 18 years old is permitted to drive any cart without a parent/guardian on board.  Golf carts must have proof of liability insurance and be shown with a minimum of $100,000 in personal injury and property damage held on the golf cart.  All golf carts must be properly lit after dark.  

Laundry facilities: Do not leave laundry unattended. 

Garbage: ABSOLUTELY no trash bags left outside of campers at night. The Raccoons love to destroy the trash at night.   Please place trash bags at the front of your site between the hours of 9am and 5pm for pickup.  Please keep your site tidy.  Only household generated garbage should be placed in the dumpster.  No hazardous or flammable items are to be thrown into the dumpster, including ash from grills, cigarettes, etc.  

PLEASE DO NOT LITTER- this includes cigarette butts. If management must clean your site, there will be a $25 charge.

Sewer Connections: Use of rubber doughnut or watertight collar on all sewer connections is required.  Please leave your sewer valve closed until you are ready to dump, this allows your chemical to do its job.   

Alcohol & Drugs: Absolutely no public display.  Please keep it contained in a koozie or cup.  At RiverWalk RV Park we strive to make the best camping experience possible for all.  We have chosen to designate our park a drug free area.  The use of any recreational drugs, legal or otherwise, will result in an early departure for the offenders. 

Smoking: No smoking in any of the park buildings or beach areas.  Help keep our park clean by using the receptacles instead of dropping the butts on the ground. 

Pets: Maximum of 3 pets per site (no exceptions).  Quiet pets on a 6’ max length leash are welcome.  E-Collars are not considered a leash.  Pet fences allowed, and must remain on the gravel, in your canopy area.  Fences cannot be placed on grass.  Do not hang dog runs/leashes on trees.  Even if you feel your pet doesn’t need to be on a leash, we ask that you do so at all times. Our insurance requires it for the park.  No Exceptions.  Pets cannot be left outside when owners are away from site or park, nor may they be left inside RV if they are excessive barkers.  Excessive barking, growling, or any aggressive behavior will not be allowed.  Pets may swim on the back side of the beach area.  Noisy pets, failure to keep your pet on a leash, or failure to pick up after your pet could result in a request to remove your pet from the premises.  If your pet is not under control, you may be asked to leave the park without a refund.  Aggressive pets will not be tolerated and will be required to leave the premises.  Pets must be current on all vaccines.  There are four pet stations located around the park.  Picking up your dog’s waste immediately is mandatory. 

Campsite Boundaries: Campsite boundaries are utility pedestal to utility pedestal.  Please respect other campers’ sites and refrain from crossing others’ campsites.  Please stay on roads and designated paths throughout the grounds.  This is a family friendly park.  Campers’ activities shall not interfere with other Campers’ use and quiet enjoyment of their site.  Disturbing others, disorderly conduct, fighting or obscene language may result in eviction.

CAUTION: Please enter the campsite with safety and caution. Damages to RiverWalk RV park property is the financial responsibility of the registered guest. 

Accidents/Incidents: Must be reported to management and have a report filed no later than 24 hours after occurrence. 

Electric Vehicles: Charging of electric vehicles is prohibited in the park.  Except for golf carts.  

Vendors: No sale or solicitation of any product. 

RiverWalk RV Park is privately owned.  RiverWalk RV Park and it’s agents, employees, and representatives will not be responsible for and assumes no liability in the event of loss due to fire, theft, accidents, Mother Nature, or any other loss whether it may be injury or loss of property.  Management also reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and to evict without prior notice anyone who creates a disturbance, nuisance, or deliberately breaks any of the parks policies.  Eviction will be immediate and without any reimbursement of camping fees. 

The Campground cannot be responsible for injury or damage due to wind, water, fire or the negligence of you or others.  Some of these rules were made by our insurance carrier, some by the state of NC, some by our attorney, and some by management.  They were made for your safety, and to ensure the enjoyment of your camping experience.  

Video/Camera Surveillance: Property and buildings are monitored.  

To protect our guest families, we do not allow sex offenders in the park.  

All information and rates are subject to change without notice.