Meet The RiverWalk Crew

Marcia Neese- Owner

Quirky Facts: Character in a DC Comic book known as “The Ankh.” I’ve competed in carp fishing tournaments, am a bit of a tomboy raised on a farm, and used to be quite the avid Texas Hold’em player.

Achievements: I’m proud to have contributed to the success of RiverWalk RV Park, represented Miss Hawaiian Tropic NC, and raised an incredibly accomplished son who fills me with pride every day.

Previous Career: With over 30 years of experience in Corporate Sales, Marketing, Recruiting, Customer Service, Public Relations, and Sales Management, she brings a diverse skill set to her roles at the park, where she continues to apply her expertise in enhancing guest experiences and driving business success.

Hobbies/Favorite Things To Do: I love spoiling furbabies, soaking up Caribbean sunsets with my hubby, traveling across the US to cheer on our son Luke at Supercross races, and spending quality time with our two Boxer pups “Crash & Tank.

Jim Neese AKA “Marcia’s Husband” – Owner

Quirky Facts: No memory at all, but I have the weird ability to recite every useless movie line. I cry at sad movies and America’s Got Talent on occasion, and I’m actually 6’3” tall lol.  

Achievements: RiverWalk RV Park, my incredible family, and a two-decade career racing motorcycles professionally have been the highlights of my life. 

Last Career: Neese Dirtworks Grading 

Hobbies/Fav Things To Do: Mountain biking, anything in the Caribbean with my smoking hot wife, and hanging with our kids.  

Additional Info: Click here to learn about our journey

Luke Neese- Camp Host/Grounds/Special Projects

Quirky Facts: I am quite the impressionist, I like to impersonate my favorite movie characters 

Achievements: Professional Supercross racer currently racing overseas for the ClubMX team. Traveling the world while doing what I love. I’m living the dream at the moment.   

Current Career: Professional Athlete & Pup Dad 

Hobbies/Fav Things To Do: Messing with my dad, mountain biking, and golfing.  

Additional Info: I’ve been camping with my family at races since I was just 4 years old. At 18, I lived on my own in a camper at a training facility, but I quickly realized that I’m a people person and don’t enjoy being alone. Now, Anna and I live together, and I absolutely love her home-cooked meals

Anna George-Camp Host/Office Assistant/Special Projects 

Quirky Facts: I used to race Motocross & I have a better national finish then Luke LOL and I’ve competed in 2 body building competitions.  

Achievements: Being a proud dog mom to the one & only RiverWalk Mascot “Char Char” 

Last Career: Shift System Administrator/Customer Service for Captains River Games

Hobbies/Fav Things To Do: Going on family walks, gym, and hanging with my friends and family in my free time. 

Additional Info: I was raised in a military family and grew up racing motocross. Traveling was second nature and my camper was my second home. I have been to 27 states and lived in 5. Even though I no longer race, I still love to travel the country to watch Luke do what we both love to do.

Kim Vanoverstraeten- Camp Host/Office Assistant

Quirky Facts: It is on my bucket list to drive a race car!

Achievements: Graduated top 5 of my nursing class & was the recipient of the 2023 RiverWalk “Ray of Sunshine” Award

Last Career: Registered Nurse 

Hobbies/Fav Things To Do: Reading, shopping, and spending time with my family.  

Additional Info: Danny and I have been married for 34 years. We’ve been together since we were 15 and 16 years old. Two kids- Matthew and Katie, two “kids in love” Jessica and Garrett, and two amazing grandbabies Mason and Allie.

Dan The Man Vanoverstraeten- Camp Host/Grounds/Karaoke DJ

Quirky Facts: Was a chef at an Italian restaurant, can ride a bike backwards, and I’m able to make hand shadows with my feet 

Achievements: Staying married 34 years, being a carpenter and having all my fingers, the advice and examples Kim and I instilled in our kids have paid off. Christians, hard workers, courteous and they live life with high morals and are respectful to those that are deserving.  Dan was the recipient of the 2023 RiverWalk “All Heart” Award

Last Career: Contractor

Hobbies/Fav Things To Do: Family, karaoke, trout fishing, swinging in my hammock listening to the tree frogs, my dog Jill, and a good steak.  

Additional Info: Married 34 yrs, 2 Kids, 2 Grandkids, and a pup. 

Daran Hutto- Camp Host/Grounds

Quirky Facts: Has a cat named OG and has trained him to do tricks.  

Achievements: Raising his 4 kids and being an amazing father (per his beautiful wife Janet) and he built his first race car when he was 16 years old. Daran was the recipient of the 2023 RiverWalk “Eager to Please” Award

Last Career: Worked as a General Contractor for over 10 years

Hobbies/Fav Things To Do: Enjoys being with family, fishing, and working on cars.  

Additional Info: Married for 18 years, father of 4 children 2 girls and 2 boys, and a grandfather to 2 adorable grandsons.

Donna Stowe- Camp Host/Office Assistant

Quirky Facts: Enjoys Beekeeping and The Blues

Achievements: Completed 2 full marathons & was the recipient of the 2023 RiverWalk “Smooth Operator” Award

Last Career: Office Management and Bookkeeping

Hobbies/Fav Things To Do: Food preservation, hiking, and travel. 

Additional Info: I love spending time with the Grandkids.

Darrell Angell- Camp Host/Grounds

Quirky Facts: Played drums for several local bands, Yadkin County native, favorite drink is an LIT, lifetime Johnboy and Billy fan, and a Weather Channel Guru.  

Achievements: Drove one of the equipment trucks for the last Charlie Daniels/Travis Tritt tour in 2019. He’s a “Caribbean Cornhole Champion”. Darrell was the recipient of the 2023 RiverWalk “Johnny on the Spot” Award. 

Last Career: Truck Driver

Hobbies/Fav Things To Do: Play cornhole at RiverWalk, ride 4-wheelers, drive my ‘69 Camaro, and spend time with my grandsons. 

Additional Info: Married to Beth forever, have two daughters Dee and Katie, and three grandsons Brayden, Brody, and Jackson.